6.6kW Solar System with 10.3kWh Battery from $13,995 or $223pm

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6.6kW Solar Hybrid System with 10.3kWh Battery System for only $13,995 or $223pm


This system will allow you to reduce your energy bills through less reliance on the grid, during the day & night,  plus has the ability to operate even during a grid outage.

This is a modular battery system and can be expanded up to 61.8kWh of batteries.

For example – upgrade to the 13.3kWh Hybrid Battery System from $14,995 or $238pm


We are 100% Locally Owned & Operated with our own team of CEC accredited installers


This system includes:


Phono 370w Premium Black Frame Solar Panels 15 Year Product & 25 Year Performance Warranty

Phono Solar 370w Twin Plus Black Frame Datasheet


Alpha-ESS SMILE5 with 10.3kWh Battery – 5 Year Product & 10 Year Performance Warranty

Alpha-ESS SMILE5 with SMILE-BAT-10.3P Datasheet


Clenergy Cyclone Rated Solar Racking – 10 Year Product Warranty

Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarRoof Datasheet


Installation by our own in-house team of CEC Installers  – 10 Year Installation & After Sales Service Guarantee


Limited Offer – Subject To Site Inspection – Conditions Apply

No Deposit Finance available


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