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More and more Aussies are making the switch to solar energy, a powerful, accessible, and affordable renewable energy that repays dividends. But it’s not just homeowners’ pockets that are reaping the rewards – the natural environment benefits from solar, too. Here’s how.

Four benefits of solar energy to the environment

Solar panels on a green field with the sun and blue skies in the background

Benefit 1: Solar energy uses less water than non-renewable energy sources

Besides Antarctica, Australia is the driest continent on planet earth. Water is a precious resource, one that we all must do our part to protect.

Traditional, non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels demand vast amounts of water. Water cools generators, transports waste bi-products of fuels through pipelines, and aids the refinement process.

In contrast, solar energy uses almost no water whatsoever. Solar panels don’t need any water at all to transform the sun’s rays into usable electricity in your home. When you make the switch to solar, you reduce your reliance on this limited natural resource.

Benefit 2: Solar energy minimises air pollution

Every year, poor air quality is responsible for millions of deaths. It’s one of the leading environmental health hazards, and fossil fuels play a significant role in polluting our atmosphere.

Breathing in poor quality air day in and day out can lead to conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and in some cases, cancer. In 2013, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared air pollution to be carcinogenic.

Green energy produces far fewer damaging emissions than the burning of fossil fuels. So, embracing nature’s finest power source – the sun – means doing your bit to improve air quality and enjoying the benefits of solar energy to the environment.

Benefit 3: Solar energy cuts your home’s carbon footprint

Carbon emissions wreak havoc on the environment and are one of the key players in climate change.

Over the past decades, the world’s average temperature has risen, and weather events have become more extreme. Icecaps are melting, wildfires are ravaging, and much of the devastation is caused by human carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity. By going green with solar, you cut your home’s carbon footprint and lead by example.

Benefit 4: Limit your reliance on fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are not kind to the environment, and by making the leap to solar energy, you can limit your usage and reliance. That means fewer emissions and less harm to the natural environment.

Solar is one of the best options if you are committed to cutting down your use of non-renewables. Incredibly, we could power the entire earth using solar power if we covered an area of 335 kilometres squared with solar panels. To put that in perspective, Australia is 7.692 million kilometres squared!

Ready to reap the rewards of solar?

You know the benefits of solar energy to the environment; now it’s time to take action. Save money, reserve water, future-proof your home, and reduce your carbon footprint all by making the switch to solar.

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