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Four facts about Solar Panels

There is a lot of hype about renewable energy, and rightly so. Investing in solar for your home is not something that should be taken lightly. Firstly, you must determine what system is best for your current and future needs, long term planning is a must. Allow time to determine the amount of sun exposure your home gets, the amount of electricity you use and the size of your roof. Moving to solar brings many benefits and will help reduce your carbon footprint. Here are four facts you may not be aware of and could benefit from if you swap to solar power.

Clouds don’t matter

Panels don’t need direct sunlight. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy outside or not. Even when the sun isn’t beating down directly on the panels, they can still capture different parts of the sunlight. Solar panels are made of silicon, which is also used to make computer chips.

Reliable Source

Energy from the sun has numerous benefits, but most importantly for Far North Queensland, when disaster strikes, no other electricity source can be built or repaired as quickly.

Low Maintenance Cost

Once installed, most owners only clean their panels a few times a year, and since there are no moving parts, there is no wear and tear. Once the initial installation cost is covered, you can reap the benefits.

No Waste

Excess power created during the day is not wasted but can be stored in a solar battery system, meaning it delivers your power at night. In general, the energy stored will last for one to five days.

If you’re ready to make the swap reach out to our friendly team of experts today, we are ready to answer your questions and provide honest, personalised advice.

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