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Renewable energy is more important now than ever. Ahead of next month’s UN Climate Change Conference, scientists from the Copernicus Climate Change Service have published a report concluding that 2023 will be the hottest year on record.

They found that in October this year, temperatures were 1.7°C higher than what they are thought to have been in the late 1800s.

According to AdaptNSW, since 1950, each decade in Australia has been warmer than the decade before it.

Richard Allan, a climate scientist at the University of Reading, said, “Only with rapid and massive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, across all sectors, can we avoid these repeating headlines of record-breaking warmth and, more importantly, limit the growing severity of wet, hot and dry extremes that accompany a rapidly warming world.”

We are currently experiencing the effects of severe weather here in Queensland, with bushfires raging across the state.

Australia stands at a crossroads in the pursuit of a sustainable future, and the importance of transitioning to renewable energy has never been more pronounced. The sun-drenched continent has immense untapped potential in harnessing solar and wind power, making it easier to pivot away from traditional fossil fuels.

Switching to renewable energy is not just an environmental necessity; it’s an economic and social win. Embracing clean energy sources like solar and wind can mitigate the impacts of climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and safeguard the unique ecosystems that define Australia’s identity. Moreover, the shift to renewables presents an opportunity for job creation and economic growth, fostering innovation in the burgeoning green energy sector. 

Australia’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, including rising temperatures and extreme weather events such as bushfires, underscores the urgency of this transition. By investing in renewable technologies, we not only lessen the risks associated with climate change but also position ourselves at the forefront of a global movement toward a sustainable future.

Australia has the chance to lead the way, showcasing the transformative power of clean energy and inspiring a global shift towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

It’s not all doom and gloom – we can all do our part to reduce emissions, thus avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. According to the UN, renewable energy is cheaper and healthier than fossil fuels, and switching to wind and solar energy not only addresses climate change but can help reduce air pollution.

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